Hi! I’m Oliver a.k.a. Ollanski - an award-winning paper engineer, art director, creative director, director and illustrator based in Berlin.
Back in 2008  I quit a PhD in  molecular neurobiology at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin to pursue my passion for paper art.
Since then I’ve made hand-crafted paper objects for photographic and animated advertising campaigns of iconic brands like Ferrero, PlayStation and Pepsi and my work has been featured in publications like NYLON (US), brandeins (GER) and Ud&Se (DK).
I’ve been making art out of paper for as long as I can remember and my work is inspired by my passion for everything from biology to K-pop.
In an age of digital VFX and simulations, the ingenuity and versatility of my paper art gives my clients’ advertising campaigns a real edge and an allure.
Above all, I love what I do. The biggest reward is watching people marvel at what a simple sheet of paper can be turned into!

Much love!

Photo: Jannick Boerlum
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