During some very hot summer days in 2019 I created 5 big paper craft worlds for Dental Clinics' EXPEDITIE TANDARCTICA project. 
These 5 Arctic worlds take children on an imaginative and insightful journey which makes taking care of your teeth actually FUN! With my ARTBOX crew from Amsterdam producing this illustration project I worked hard pushing through the summer heat to create these fun and cute arctic worlds. Now I think i know how Mariah Carey must have felt when she recorded her Christmas album in the middle of summer back in the 90ies. 

"The Others" -  the agency behind the TANDARCTICA project - was able to create a great series of communication assets using several of my paper elements from the Arctic scenes for Dental Clinics including a super cool magazine and a board game!

Design and paper engineering: Ollanski
Photos: Juliette Mainx (Eyecandy Berlin)
Assistant: Lisa Berns (Eyecandy Berlin)
Further photos: Ollanski
Client: Dental Clinics
Agency: The Others
Production: Artbox
Producer: Jessica Iken

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