For Fast Company magazine's March/April 2018 issue I was commissioned to create 4 illustrations for the big article 
"Top 10 Most Innovative Companies By Category".

My categories were: 
1) AR/VR - using the example of home improvement through virtual reality and augmented reality 
2) Marketing and Advertising - visualizing the new trend "No Brand is the New Brand"
3) Data Science - referencing the artificial intelligence text app "Textio" which helps "puzzle together" compelling texts
4) Gaming - referencing Super Evil Megacorp's e-sport hit "Vainglory"

The challenge was to not show any mobile devices or computers so I kept it old school, hand made and fun!

The illustration for the category "Gaming" for example is my favourite in the series and a take on the concept of the e-sport game "Vainglory" which players only play on mobile devices (usually tablets). So I thought: well what do you play with then? Your hand! So I transformed a bit of polymer clay and some paper into a sword wielding orc-green warrior!

But of course creating a funky VR space for furniture or a custom made puzzle(!) or a clay juice box was a lot of fun too and as for the puzzle: quite a brain stretch! 

Design Director: Ted Keller
Crafts, Photos: Ollanski

Materials: paper, polymer clay, acrylic paint

Magazine and Website (March/April 2018)

Work in Progress / Alternative Versions 
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