For the 2018 15th annual GoSee Awards I designed and created a series of art works for websites, posters, tag and magazine prints as well as award certificates and the little awards themselves!

The GoSeeAWARDS have been organized by GoSee for 15 years and call upon creatives from all over the world to submit their works free of charge – that’s photography, illustration, CGI & animation in 2018 – via GoSee where they are then viewed online by around 100 top jurors from the areas of advertising, marketing, fashion, publication,... in a total of three rounds.  

The eight categories are colour coded and so I decided to create a dart board displaying 8 rings in each category colour with the darts themselves representing the awards. 

Concept, crafts, photos: Ollanski

Below you see one of several versions of the main visual dart board showing the 8 category colours. On the right you can see an extra version of the dart board for special prints like VIP tags and similar.
Each category is indicated by the colour of the feathers on the dart. 
There are 8 categories and 5 possible award levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Merit and Public Vote.

Initially, I wanted to assign "Merit" the black darts and the white darts to "Public Vote".
However, trying out other colours I also felt very strongly about dark blue darts.

Which colour darts eventually will be given out and all the other GoSeeAWARDS winners will be announced on October 19th 2018 at the UPDATE in Berlin where their work will be on display at an exhibition!

(I will update this behance project after Oct 19th, 2018.) 

Work In Progress
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