Headers for ibmblr

In the spring of 2017 I was commissioned by creative director Alvaro Masa of Ogilvy New York to design, craft and animate 6 animated paper craft illustrations as the headers for each category of the "IBMBLR" - IBM's own tumblr.

I combined paper craft, character design, classic stop motion techniques and lots of vibrant colours to create 6 unique animated loops as website headers with a size of only 2MB each!

Check out the original GIFs below and a "director's cut" video of all animations I compiled for you above! =)

Client: IBM
Creative Director: Alvaro Masa @ Ogilvy New York
Concepts, design, crafts, animations, directing, compositing, editing, sound design: Ollanski
Compositing and assistance: Brian Fairbairn
Producer: Barbi Mlzcoch @ Cosmopola Berlin

Static images

Behind the Scenes

... and some more GIFs.


Domo Arigato
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