"elektro ± mobil" is an exhibition at the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt, Germany that explores the history and present of electro mobility and runs from March 21st - October 13th, 2019.

To showcase the history of electric automobile development at the exhibit I was approached by design agency buero.us in Frankfurt and asked to create a cohesive looking collection of 12 very specific models of electric automobiles from the past 140 (!) years.

The challenge: for many of the models I had mainly only a few photos to use as reference!  
Challenge: accepted! 

Over a course of several weeks I studied all the cars and vehicles, created, tweaked and fine-tuned my own crafting patterns for each of them, tested new crafting techniques and eventually finished the models and sent them to Frankfurt. 

I only used one type of paper: Canson Velin's "Mi Teinte" paper in the colour "Saumon".
For the actual crafting i mixed hand made and hand cut elements and parts cut with my Silhouette Cameo plotter.

Model list:
1 - Ayrton & Perry Electric Tricycle (1882)
2 - Flocken Elektrowagen (1888)
3 - Victoria Columbia (1901)
4 - Hansa Lloyd (1910)
5 - Bergmann (1920ies)
6 - Peugeot VLV (1941-1945)
7 - Maschinenfabrik Esslinen (1950ies)
8 - Milkfloat (1960ies)
9 - Citicar (1974-1977)
10 -Tesla
11 - StreetScooter
12 - Sion

CD: Marc Ulm
All crafts and photos: Ollanski

Images above:
1st row: Peugeot VLV, StreetScooter, Hansa Lloyd
2nd row: Bergmann, Victoria Columbia
3rd row: Flocken Elektrowagen, Ayrton & Perry, Maschinenfabrik Esslingen
4th row: Milkfloat, Sion, Tesla, Citicar

Work in progress / Making of

Selection of reference images

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