SPOON agency Stockholm commissioned me for this wonderful project where I was able to showcase my two favourite techniques (and talents) because not only was I able to create a "Scandinavian planet" with lots of small buildings for the cover of PEAB's climate and sustainability magazine "Vägskäl" ("crossroads" in Swedish) but I also went back to my illustration roots and created 4 pencil portraits for the magazine. 

(For context: PEAB is a big Swedish construction and civil engineering company with employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland working hard on the transition to climate neutral and sustainable operations.)

By altering and augmenting the key visual for the cover slightly I created 3 "chapter opener" paper craft illustrations. 
Furthermore, I extracted 3 of the 4 portraits from the stylized "zoom call" to create spot illustrations featured in the interview article. 

CDs/ADs: David Linder and Fredrik Arvidsson (SPOON Stockholm)
Illustrations/paper craft illustrations: Ollanski
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