In April 2015 I was commissioned to create the 2D paper craft artwork for a POS poster and ad campaign for Austrian Juice Brand RAUCH. Part of this project was to also create a paper craft alphabet with all umlauts and accents needed to create a font that can be used on the final posters in German but also southern European languages like Serbian and Bosnian. 

This project was also one of my earlier projects where I started experimenting with tinting papers myself to get the perfect colour papers.

Lead paper artist: Ollanski
Paper craft assistant: C. Wiegandt (orange, lime, alphabet plotting)
Photography: Christian Lohfink @Upfront
CD: Tobias Fritschen
Agency: Kolle&Rebbe, Hamburg

PS: This is a re-upload because I was deleted from the original post. So please spread the love and share this project to get me back some of my lost viewer numbers!! Thank youuuuu! 

Close up snapshots of the 2D paper craft artworks
RAUCH valley wip
Font preparation

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