After I had created paper art works for 2 big POS print projects for RAUCH earlier I was approached to create the paper art works for 2 RAUCH TV commercials for the Southern European market.

Finding the right look and preparing the crafts to be easily animatable took quite a while but once finished I again had the chance to work together with the great Karl Hofmann who is a master at setting the light and capturing movements in stop motion and Cris Wiegandt who animated the crafts beautifully.
Thank you team!

These animations were produced in different languages. 
These particular videos are the Serbian version: Sunčana strana ananasa! Šta god da radiš - radi za Bravo! Do it Bravo!

Client: Rauch 
Agency: Kolle Rebbe 
CD, AD and Director: Tobias Fritschen 
Lead Paper Artist & Assistant Art Direction: Ollanski 
D.O.P.: Karl Hoffmann 
Assitant Director, Stop Motion, Assistant Paper Artist: Cris Wiegandt 
Set Compositor: Iara Guedes 
Food Styling: Yvonne Trapp 
Post Production: Harvest Postproduction 
Production: Cosmopola

Concept Work and Making Of
Developing the RAUCH tree
Previous 2D art works I made from the print/POS project for RAUCH as reference for 3D crafts.
Development of the fruits. The brief was to make them look super papery but not too naive. 
The pineapple explosion
Development of the "Rauch Valley"
Paper choices and tree tests for the set
Flying strawberry concept and craft tests
Before we decided to do cotton wool clouds we tried many many different cloud styles in paper. This was the most promising version but very different to control (which is crucial for stop motion though).
Even the ribbon in the end is animated paper
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